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Amy C.

Coach Ryan has elevated my entire family's jiu-jitsu. He is a natural born teacher that has increased our knowledge and execution because he doesn't teach just what to do but also why you would do something. The atmosphere of the gym is fabulous - laid back but full of people focused on learning and bettering themselves. All of the coaches are highly professional and respectful of all students. We are so happy we have found your gym.

Grey T.
What makes Rogue different?
Nogi, Positive Energy People, World Class Seminars, Kickboxing

Nogi all day. If you prefer Nogi to gi, this is your place. There are classes all day & night to fit your schedule.

Positive Energy People. I’m a brown belt. Have trained 9 years, 6 with Ryan. Energy/vibration of a gym is super important and is set by the coach. This is a place for people who want to train nogi jiu jitsu in a safe, clean environment and get better in all areas of their lives. We are here to help each other get better. Coach Ryan set the proper vibe. This vibe attracts positive energy people. My training partners have become some of my closest friends. A lot of upper belts train here. This is something you won’t find at many places. As a beginner, you should seek out higher belts to train with. They will help you and won’t hurt you. My kids also train at Rogue Wave. My son was bullied in school. He defended himself with the skills he learned from Ryan. Will always be grateful for that.

World class seminars and instruction. Rogue Wave is the ONLY school in South Florida, maybe even the nation, that consistently hosts seminars with living legends like Rafael Lovato Jr, Gilbert Burns, Vicente Luque, Roberto Jimenez, Gianni Grippo, Giancarlo Bodoni, JZ, John Combs, and other ADCC, EBI, Combat Jiu Jitsu, Bellator and UFC vets. Ryan absorbs this knowledge and passes it down to his students. The sport continues to evolve. This is cutting edge jiu jitsu.

Kickboxing/Muay Thai. Fights start on the feet. Everybody should know basic striking. There are wrestling and fitness classes too. All these options can help you become a more well-rounded martial artist or just help you loose weight and look great naked.

Eric S.
I have been taking my children to Rogue Wave for several months now and have been extremely impressed with the instruction and atmosphere. The owner Ryan and his team, have created a welcoming and supportive environment for both kids and adults to learn and grow in the sport of jiu-jitsu.

The instructors are knowledgeable and patient, and they do an excellent job of tailoring the lessons to the individual skill levels of each student. My children have improved their technique and confidence in the sport thanks to the instruction they've received at the gym.

Additionally, the gym's facilities are top-notch and always kept clean. The mats are well-maintained, and the equipment is in great condition.

Overall, I highly recommend Rogue Wave to anyone looking to learn and improve in the sport, whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner. The instruction is top-notch, the facilities are great, and the atmosphere is welcoming and supportive.
Roya E.
Incredible! Coach Ryan is a fantastic coach who teaches in a method that is easy to learn and makes you understand the key techniques of the system he teaches. He also regularly brings in world class JiuJitsu practitioners and UFC fighters to teach seminars at his school.
Rogue Wave Martial Arts is the best school out there. You cannot get a better coach or experience at any other school. Take that first step in the door and you'll see what I’m talking about.
Cecilia P.
My whole family started with Jiujitsu, then Jiujitsu plus Kickboxing and now the best 30 minute full body workout!! Best knowledge trainers, family friendly atmosphere, super clean facility. Love it here, and I know you will too! Did I mention is also affordable? Always bringing new courses with the best athletes around the world!
Richard M.
Cannot recommend Rouge wave to beginners enough, I’ve recently started coming to rouge wave with no martial arts experience. Coach Ryan has created an amazing facility with a welcoming atmosphere in a convenient location. All the coaches have an amazing depth of knowledge and way of teaching that make understanding techniques easy. Coaching staff and fellow students are welcoming and very helpful with whatever questions you may have
Tiffany V.
I started here a month ago, and have been really loving it so far. Im new to Jiu Jitsu and realize it’s like learning a new language so this craft is something you have to dedicate time and patience to if you want to advance over time. Thankfully, Ryan is the best coach and teacher. He’s passionate, clear, and really helpful. His skill level and creativity make for fun yet challenging classes, and the community is really cool. I’d recommend coming to Rogue Wave if you want to practice jiu jitsu at any level of experience. Also! Take Ryan’s fitness classes, they’re so functional and just perfectly intense, I am really feeling strong.
Tim C.
Have had nothing but great experiences here at Rogue Wave. Every single person I’ve encountered there has been welcoming and friendly. A positive, down to earth, ego free environment.

Ryan is an extremely talented and passionate coach, can’t say enough great things about Rogue Wave. Looking forward to the future here. If you’re looking to train, this is the place to do it!
Nikki M.
Rogue Wave West Palm Beach is a phenomenal school. I’ve been training in the system for 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier with how far I have come. The instructor Ryan is top tier. The way he formats his classes, his attention to detail and overall instruction is something you don’t come across very often. He’s awesome. The facility itself is awesome. It has a ton of space, brand new mats, and offers an overall cool atmosphere. Lastly the members and teammates I share these classes with are overall great people and bring the best vibes when training. I highly recommend this school.
Eddie S.

At the age of 49, never having a real exercise routine, I had reservations about signing up for Jiu Jitsu. I have never liked active exercise. But wanting to get into better shape before my 50th, gave me motivation to step way outside my comfort zone. I did a search of different training facilities near me and Rogue Wave West Palm Beach popped up. I was not familiar with the differences of Gi v.No-Gi. ... I went to check it out. Everyone was nice. Looked tough but fun. I signed up for a month. Being the out of shape newbie, I did not know what to expect. Ryan is a great coach, but really everyone there is a teacher. I was concerned that not knowing anything I would be an annoyance to others and interfere with their training. Quite the contrary. Everyone, without exception, was happy to “roll” with me and has been nothing but patient and helpful. My biggest fear would be dealing with people intolerant with my skill level, but that was not the case at all. I liked it so much I signed up for 6 months! Generally speaking, there are more experienced folk than newbies, but I am living proof newbies are welcome. Enjoying the journey!

Joe K.
Amazing and welcoming place to train with great training partners of all levels. Ryan runs the gym very well and is an excellent practitioner and coach! I definitely recommend Rogue Wave and would give it several 5 star ratings if I could.
William P.

Trained at Rogue Wave West Palm Beach today. Awesome facility, great instructors, and a very friendly environment. Excellent place to pick up jiujitsu if you are interested in nogi. Thanks for having me! Bill

George P.

Great meeting Ryan. He's the head instructor at Rogue Wave. Friendly, respected and excellent coach. The establishment is clean and well kept. Highly recommend!

Wilson W.
Excellent facility with great coaches, training partners, and opportunities to train with world class athletes. Quite possibly the best program for BJJ & Wrestling in Palm Beach County and there are no limits to your potential if you choose to train here.
Tyler W.

Rogue Wave WPB is the place to be if you are in Palm Beach or anywhere in the Treasure Coast. The location is convenient and the gym is kept very clean. Ryan does a great job of creating a comfortable environment for any experience level and everyone follows his welcoming attitude. The expert instruction benefits people at any skill level and the fun atmosphere ensures everyone has a great time.

Erwin P.

The instructor Ryan is super professional and highly Knowledgeable, he breaks everything down in a way it’s easy for most people to pick up. The gym is super clean and spacious, he is an awesome teacher and would night recommend him to my friends and family . Thank you Ryan.

Tim T.
I dropped into this gym while travelling for work. This is a great gym and Ryan is a great instructor. Very welcoming and a great experience. Gyms like this prove how awesome a community BJJ is. Thanks Ryan.
Marcin T.

Best Jiu-Jitsu gym I have ever been in! By far! Brand new facility in great location with possibility of training daily. Ryan's ability to teach is second to none and his professionalism, experience, attention to detail makes every class a great experience. All members are friendly and helpful and make practice even more pleasurable. Ryan not only travels the country for continuous education, but is bringing the best in the field for in-house seminars. If you are looking for jiu-jitsu, mma or a self defense gym, check it out. You will probably stay.

Mike R.
So many positive things to say about this place. It’s open to and encourages all skill levels. It has the most class time options of any facility. It is clean, safe and drama free. Great comradery and training partners. Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.
Alphonso M.

This is an amazing space. Ryan is a great teacher and the classes have been fantastic.

Bronson B.
Super happy to have found this gym. I was looking for a No Gi gym and I am impressed with the attention to detail in the instruction, coach Ryan's ability to perfectly answer questions on the fly, and the atmosphere with the other students.
Adrian V.
Rogue wave martial arts has an amazing environment. amazing classes, kids classes Schedule is the best. Head instructor Ryan is absolutely the best at what he does
Sam M.

Amazing atmosphere! I’ve been training 19 years now. And it feels so good to train in an environment with no ego, respectful training partners, and excellent instruction I learn something new every class. Well done, Ryan. Sam McCoy

Marcus N.
I moved to West Palm and Rogue Wave was one of the first gyms I checked out. After my first class I knew I didn't need to see anywhere else! Despite being a drop in and band new to the area, I felt immediately welcomed and included. The instruction is fantastic and the environment allows you to grow into the best martial artist you can be. If you're in the area I can't recommend it enough!
Brielle B.
One of the best parts about martial arts is the community, amazing community here and uplifting environment. Ryan is a great teacher, classes are always fun and challenging
Dylan B.

Best jiu jitsu gym I have ever been to hands down. The instructor has created a very special atmosphere here for the students.

Elias L.
I started training here a few months ago and jiujitsu and kickboxing has become my favorite thing to do with my time. I’ve developed a passion for the sport and I’m really grateful to rogue wave for doing that for me. Ryan is a great teacher and everyone there helped me to learn quickly, and I enjoy learning new things every class.

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