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Ryan Conforti

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Ryan Conforti

Ryan Conforti is a JiuJitsu Black Belt who has been a Martial Arts practitioner since 2005. In that time, he has earned the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, high ranks in Japanese JuJitsu/Judo, and competed in various Martial Arts competitions including MMA and Combat JiuJitsu. In 2020, he opened Rogue Wave Martial Arts to share his passion for Martial Arts in his community, welcoming dozens of high-level Jiujitsu practitioners, World Champions and UFC athletes into the school.

Ryan began his Martial Arts practice in 2005 when he enrolled at Florida Atlantic University. There, he joined the Tae Kwon Do Club, as well as the Cuong Nhu (Vietnamese Karate) Club. Tae Kwon Do provided a focus on striking, where Cuong Nhu provided a mix of striking, grappling and some weapons self-defense. Cuong Nhu also held annual training camps where hundreds of students from around the country would congregate for specialized training across all disciplines.
Shortly after, Ryan also joined an MMA School close to home in Wellington Florida, where he could train Brazilian JiuJitsu for even more grappling practice. 
In 2007, a hurricane damaged the building at FAU where the martial arts clubs took place. The Tae Kwon Do club as able to find another location, however the Cuong Nhu club's practice became sporadic and eventually discontinued. Ryan supplemented this by joining a Japanese JuJitsu/Judo school which not only provided more grappling practice, but a focus on Throws plus similar self-defense based practices to Cuong Nhu. 
In 2009, Ryan earned his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

In 2010, Ryan had moved to Boynton Beach, leaving the MMA school in Wellington and joining American Top Team, an MMA School close to his new home where he could keep up his BJJ practice. He earned his BJJ Blue Belt here. His focus shifted heavily towards NoGi JiuJitsu as he was practicing a lot of MMA and a regular training partner for amateur fighters.
In 2011, Ryan earned his 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and in 2012 he was offered his Black Belt in Japanese JuJitsu/Judo under the condition that he discontinue his Tae Kwon Do and MMA practice. He declined and left the JuJitsu/Judo school. This year he also competed in his first MMA fight. 
Unfortunately, also in 2012, American Top Team closed and in order to keep up his JiuJitsu practice, he had to travel to various other locations. To keep up his training frequency, he and the other fighters would often train in a garage with their coach. This training was exclusively MMA based with a heavy focus on Wrestling and NoGi Jiujitsu. This year Ryan also began his business as a Fitness Professional, specializing in Combat Athletes. 

In 2015, Ryan earned his 3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. It was also at this time that frequented San Francisco and lived there for a short time, where he practiced Boxing at King's Boxing Gym in Oakland.   
Back in Florida, Ryan was regularly competing in MMA and in 2016, traveled to Onnit Gym in Austin Texas for work, where met Curtis Hembroff at 10th Planet JiuJitsu. Curtis and his instruction of JiuJitsu had a profound impression. The system gave him a direction and provided a perspective on JiuJitsu that was appealing and understanding. Ryan then visited 10th Planet HQ in Los Angeles where he met Eddie Bravo and Marvin Castelle. Ryan would start his JiuJitsu practice from scratch, regularly travel in Los Angeles and Austin for JiuJitsu practice under the 10th Planet system, while practicing the system at home in Florida with his training partners. He quickly earned his Blue Belt from Curtis. 
In 2018, Ryan moved his business into a new MMA Gym where he was the Strength and Conditioning Coach. Here, he trained with Herbert and Gilbert Burns.
Having access to the facility, Ryan eventually took over Gilbert's 6am class and was able to teach NoGi Jiujitsu every morning over the next two years.
This "club" called themselves ROGUE WAVE.

Still continuing his practice of 10th Planet JiuJitsu and still frequently traveling to Los Angeles and Austin for practice, as well as other 10th Planet Moons for events, training camps and competitions, Ryan earned his Purple Belt from Marvin and Curtis in 2019.
In 2020 Ryan took a high-profile opportunity managing a Fitness Facility in West Palm Beach. This however would disrupt his regular JiuJitsu practice. Under Curtis' advice, he was granted permission to open 10th Planet West Palm Beach as a Purple Belt, a tremendous honor and responsibility, and first for a "10th Planet Ronin." Ryan would have his last MMA fight in September of 2020, winning by submission in the first round and announcing the opening of 10th Planet West Palm Beach in November. Despite working a full-time, often over-time job, Ryan was able to build 10th Planet West Palm Beach, teaching up to 5 classes a day. In February 2021, Marvin awarded Ryan his 10th Planet Brown Belt.

After a year of successful operation, Ryan began teaching at his school full-time, changing back to the original name of ROGUE WAVE to allow for a more robust offering of classes, including Kickboxing and Brazilian JiuJitsu. Since opening it's doors, Rogue Wave has been home to 150+ students, offering 35+ Classes a week, and has regularly welcomed the very best JiuJitsu Competitors and Coaches for seminars including Gilbert Burns, Rafael Lovato Jr., Danielle Kelly, Justin "JFLO" Flores, Nicky Rod, Ryan Hall, Miesha Tate and many, many others. 
In 2023, Ryan was awarded his Brazilian JiuJitsu Black Belt. 

Ryan has successfully competed under various rulesets including, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Submission Only, MMA, Kickboxing, Combat JiuJitsu. He has competed for F2W, Subversiv, XFN, and many local/regional tournaments. In 2023, Ryan was recognized as the #1 Ranked Athlete in the country within Newbreed JiuJitsu Federation competitions.  

3rd Degree Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do
Black Belt - Brazilian Jiujitsu
Brown Belt - 10th Planet JiuJitsu
Brown Belt - Japanese JuJitsu/Judo 
Green Belt - Cuong Nhu
2023 #1 Ranked Athlete (Newbreed)
2022 Best Adult Team (Newbreed)
2021 Best Adult Team (Newbreed)


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